Workshops in New York

As a non profit organization Project New Yorker is dedicated to empowering communities. Under experienced guidance we designed Diverse range of workshops and resources to educate, inform, and inspire people. A part of our commitment is our initiative to foster knowledge, resilience, and engagement within the community. From emergency preparedness to immigrant rights, through workshops we try to cover a wide spectrum of essential topics.

Southern Queens Emergency Management Network

In collaboration with over 75+ organizations, Project New Yorker created Southern Queens Emergency Management Network. We are here to ensure that our community residents are prepared for emergencies and equipped to withstand, adapt, and recover from them. Our belief is that preparedness is the key to reducing impacts of disaster and emergencies. Workshops under Southern Queens Emergency Management Network focus on:

  • Emergency Preparedness: We try to teach community people how to create a family emergency plan, build an emergency kit, and understand evacuation procedures.
  • Community Resilience: Our goal is to teach people how our community can work together to become more resilient in the face of emergencies and disasters.
  • Resource Access: Letting know people that find out about available resources and support in times of crisis and how to access them.

Our commitment is for keeping our community safe and prepared for whatever challenges may come our way.

Workshops in Brooklyn

Immigrants Rights Workshops

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to immigrants’ rights. Our Immigrants Rights Workshops in Queens and beyond are designed to empower individuals by sharing educational resources and helping them access legal services, regardless of immigration status. Every individual deserves to know their rights and have access to legal support. Our workshops cover critical below areas:

  • Legal Rights: As an immigrant people should know about legal rights. Through program journeys we cover the right to due process, protection from discrimination, and more.
  • Available Services: Legal services and support available at Project New Yorker for immigrants. So that people have needed assistance when facing legal challenges.
  • Community Involvement:  Letting people know about the importance of community involvement and how collective action can protect the rights of immigrants.

Our provided workshops are not just informative; they are empowering. We are here to equip immigrants with knowledge and resources they need to navigate the complex legal landscape.

Community-Centric Workshops

Workshops at Project New Yorker are designed with our community in mind. We recognize that each community is unique, with its own needs, challenges, and aspirations. If you believe that your neighborhood could benefit from our workshops, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Project New Yorker is open to the idea of offering workshops in your community, tailoring our content to address the issues that matter most to you.

Interested in collaborate or hosting events?

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